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From Turkey To Germany Cargo

Experience fast and secure delivery with minivan vehicles as fast as an airplane for your shipments from Turkey to Germany with iclogi. Iclogi combines international road transportation with technology, bringing everything just a click away. If you wish, we handle all customs procedures, leaving you to enjoy the swift delivery.

from Istanbul to germany cargo

Advantages of Express Road Freight to Germany

We have eliminated the issue of delayed deliveries in road freight transportation to Germany. With our minivan vehicles as fast as airplanes, we deliver our customers' shipments very quickly. Moreover, we ensure a rapid delivery almost as fast as air cargo, without burdening our customers with extensive customs procedures.

Let's Transport Your Shipments from Turkey to Germany Economically and Safely

With our Iclogi international road freight service to Germany, we transport your non-express shipments economically and affordably. We ensure the safe transportation of your packages at reasonable prices. Iclogi's international road service always has a solution for all your shipments. Contact us now to get a quote

Turkey to germany shipping
Germany cargo

Iclogi Germany Road Partial Transportation Service Advantages

Iclogi has overcome the major drawbacks of road transportation, including late delivery problems, lack of tracking, and the complexity and costliness of customs procedures. With Iclogi, all of these concerns are a thing of the past. After departing from Turkey, we deliver to every corner of Germany within 3-4 business days at the latest. Our online tracking system allows you to see the current location of your shipments at any moment, providing real-time information about the whereabouts of your belongings.

Germany Cargo Delivery

With Iclogi, you can transport your cargo shipments from Turkey to Germany and vice versa at both express and economical rates. Enjoy the synergy of international road transportation and technology with Iclogi. International road shipments are now entering a new dimension.

Partial or Full Van Express and Truck Rental from Turkey to Germany

Iclogi provides international road transportation services with both partial and full rental options. It offers suitable vehicles based on the weight and volume of the cargo. Items such as furniture and household appliances are generally not transported by truck due to the risk of breakage from impacts. Therefore, excessive loading and unloading should be avoided. Iclogi offers international partial transportation service for items acquired from Turkey using Van express vehicles. Additionally, we provide partial and full rental services with vehicles ranging from 15m³ to 26m³.

Fast Cargo from Turkey to Germany

You can send all your urgent shipments such as samples, documents, letters, and paperwork from Turkey to Germany at a very affordable rate with Iclogi express service.

Inexpensive Shipping from Turkey to Germany

We provide economical transportation of your commercial or personal shipments from Turkey to Germany using trucks, delivering them to your door. We offer cost-effective solutions for transporting goods like textiles, furniture, leather products to Germany at the most affordable rates. Just like with minivan vehicles, you can choose either full truck rental or partial load rental services for your shipments.

To Send a Signboard from Turkey to Germany

Iclogi provides door-to-door delivery service for your signs, printing, and all other advertising products with its Express Van vehicles and trucks, reaching lengths of up to 5.2 meters, for international transportation.

To Ship Furniture from Turkey to Germany

We safely deliver all the furniture items you have purchased from all over Turkey, including sofas, carpets, curtains, dining sets, chairs, tables, and other household items, to your door using Iclogi's international Express Van service.

Textile Import and Cargo from Turkey to Germany

We ensure fast and smooth delivery for all your personal and commercial shipments, including children's clothing, women's dresses, tracksuits, suits, shoes, and socks, purchased from Turkey. Experience a seamless delivery with Iclogi.

To Ship Documents from Turkey to Germany

You can send documents such as letters, invitations, company papers, diplomas, and bills of lading to Germany using Iclogi's air express cargo delivery option, and they will be delivered within 1 - 2 business days.

Cargo From Turkey To Germany

Sending cargo from all over Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Gaziantep, Antalya, and Bursa, to Germany is very easy with iclogi! All you need to do is get in touch with us.

How long does it take for cargo from Turkey to reach Germany?

Iclogi air cargo takes 1 or 2 days,
Iclogi road Express Van delivery takes 3 to 5 days,
Iclogi International road truck service takes between 10 and 15 days.