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Shipping From Turkey

By utilizing Iclogi's shipping services from Turkey, you can receive cargo in any country worldwide. The steps for this process are easier than buying a plane ticket. Whether you are shopping from Turkey or sending any forgotten items, with Iclogi, you can get fast cargo services to the USA, Canada, Dubai, Germany, the UK, and all other countries.

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Air Cargo Shipping from Turkey

Icogi goes above and beyond with its international air cargo and express courier service, sending all your cargo packages to your address by plane for a seamless delivery experience. Moreover, you don't need to consider pick-up services from Turkey. Just provide us with the phone number of your supplier in Turkey, and we'll contact them to collect your packages

Road Transport from Turkey

With Iclogi, you can quickly and conveniently receive all your shipments from Turkey to all European countries through road transportation. Utilizing Iclogi's minivan service ensures that all shipments are delivered as fast as by air, with smooth completion of customs procedures. Contact us now to take advantage of our Iclogi Van Delivery service for logistics and transportation services.

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Cargo Service and Transportation Service from Turkey

Getting international shipping services has never been this easy. Really! In these days where even buying a plane ticket can be more challenging, Iclogi's cargo portal with its user-friendly interface brings all your packages to your doorstep with just a few clicks. Need a reliable courier from Turkey? The solution is Iclogi! Contact us now to get international transportation services.

Save Up to 80% on Shipping Costs

Fill out the contact form, and we'll prepare personalized offers for you within a few minutes, getting back to you shortly.

Customs Clearance Service

Importing with Iclogi is as easy as buying cheese in the supermarket. Rest assured, we will not leave you alone with complicated customs procedures. We have customs officers we work with almost everywhere. You just need to fill out and send us a few prepared forms.

Afterwards, the items we bring are not just physical objects but also reflections of these stories. Make space in your heart and be ready to be impressed; because this is not just a meeting point for materials but also for thoughts and cultures.

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How to Get Shipping from Turkey?

The shipping services vary depending on the product you plan to import from Turkey. However, obtaining services from a professional customs company like Iclogi ensures that you will be guided on the right path, foreseeing any potential issues you might encounter during customs and the overall delivery process. It guarantees that you will receive the highest quality cargo service by anticipating and addressing any challenges proactively.

How Many Days Does Cargo Arrive From Turkey?

The general cargo shipment density and transfer frequency in the delivery country are the factors that most significantly affect delivery times. However, the common perception is that express deliveries typically take between 48 to 96 hours.