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Shipping From Turkey To United Kingdom

With our fast delivery service, Iclogi safely delivers all your shipments from Turkey to the United Kingdom and other countries within the United Kingdom at the most discounted prices. We ensure the delivery of your transportation operations from Turkey to the UK in the shortest possible time. Iclogi's cargo services are available almost every day with high motivation and a quality logistics service network.

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International Air Cargo Service from Turkey to UK

With our air cargo and express courier service from Turkey to the United Kingdom, we ensure the smooth delivery of your shipments at discounted rates. With Iclogi's express courier service, your packages are transported in a door-to-door manner, providing you with a pleasant delivery experience.

UK Road Transport from Turkey

With our panel van minibuses rental service from Turkey to the UK, we provide delivery for furniture and other export loads using panel van trucks as fast as airplanes. With vehicles ranging from 15 to 24 cubic meters in volume and with a payload capacity between 900 and 1200, we deliver your goods directly to your door. Our curtain-sided express vans and panel van minibuses are exempt from tachograph device regulations, allowing them to travel as fast as cars.

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Door to Door Delivery from Turkey to the UK

We transport the goods you receive from Turkey to your door seamlessly and without any issues, providing a smooth delivery experience. With daily flights between Turkey and the UK, your goods are shipped from Turkey daily, ensuring very fast delivery. You can quickly get a price quote from Iclogi.

UK Insured Shipping

We ensure that the goods you receive from Turkey are fully insured, guaranteeing that you receive them in full and without any discrepancies. By insuring items such as gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and valuable carpets, we elevate your logistic experience to the highest level by providing insured delivery.