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Whether you already have a supplier in Turkey or not, you can shop from Iclogi's reliable supplier portfolio. Additionally, we take care of the export procedures from Turkey and the import procedures in the destination country, providing a seamless delivery experience. With Iclogi, you can purchase a variety of products from Turkey. Simply contact our customer service representative for assistance.

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You Can Easily Shop From Different Suppliers and Entrust Your Goods to Iclogi for Delivery

Aha! Preparing for a shopping spree, are we? Well, buckle up, shopaholic friend, because Iclogi is here to turn your shopping extravaganza into a delightful joyride!

You see, with Iclogi, you can dance through the aisles of different suppliers, picking and choosing like a kid in a candy store. And oh, the best part? You can trust us to be your shopping chariot, carrying all those treasures straight to your doorstep. No magic carpet needed – just good ol' reliable Iclogi!

So, ready to juggle between different suppliers and have Iclogi catch all the shopping balls for you? Just dive into the retail ocean, and when you've got your cart loaded with goodies, hand it over to us. We'll make sure your treasures reach you safe and sound.

It's like having a personal shopping assistant with a dash of magic (and a sprinkle of humor). Happy shopping!

We Consolidate the Items You Purchase From Different Suppliers and Reduce Your Shipping Costs.

We inspect all the items you purchase from different suppliers in our warehouse, count their quantities, and consolidate your packages. As you may not be purchasing an equal amount of items from each store, this process is necessary. We then export your goods from Turkey on a date of your preference, ensuring that your items reach you complete and intact. Moreover, we do not charge an additional fee for these processes.

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We Handle Your Customs Procedures.

We can take care of the customs clearance procedures for all the goods you purchase from Turkey. Additionally, we can handle your customs clearance processes in Europe, USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom, providing you with a seamless delivery and shopping experience.

Additionally, we can pay on your behalf any customs duties and processing fees that may arise during customs clearance. By invoicing you for these expenses, we can expedite the customs clearance process for you.

Shop From Turkey, Buy Discounted and Quality Products

By shopping from all over Turkey, you can purchase affordable products and enjoy advantageous deals. For instance, you can buy textile products, curtains, carpets, and many more from Istanbul, or opt for high-quality furniture from Balıkesir. With Iclogi, you can conveniently receive packages from almost any location and complete the entire process, including delivery to your address.

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