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From Turkey To France Cargo

You can receive professional and reliable logistics services from Iclogi, providing transportation and logistics services to the entire France from Turkey. With Iclogi, you can easily import a variety of products, and if you wish, we can complete the customs procedures and deliver your goods to your address. The shipping services you can get from Iclogi include express courier, air cargo, express panel van cargo transportation, and international road transportation. Both individual and corporate customers can benefit from our services.

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Express Van Delivery from Turkey to France and Its Advantages

With our express van delivery service, we offer a reliable and fast delivery service for all your belongings and urgent loads, utilizing vehicles with a capacity of 17m³ and 1100kg transportation capability. We provide cost-effective door-to-door transportation, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your goods. Additionally, van delivery is highly suitable for special deliveries or sensitive loads. Both individual customers and businesses can benefit from this service.

Our Truck Transportation Service from Turkey to France for Economical Deliveries

You can have heavy or bulky shipments such as furniture or shop signs that you've purchased in Turkey transported to France with Iclogi's truck and freight services, reducing your costs with affordable deliveries. Iclogi trucks deliver almost anything you've purchased in Turkey to your doorstep, providing you with satisfaction. Additionally, you can also avail yourself of transportation services from France to Turkey through Iclogi.

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France Customs Clearance and Tax

Customs Clearance Services

For a small additional fee, we can handle both the export from Turkey and the import to France of all the goods you have purchased from Turkey. This includes taking care of customs clearance and procedures, paying the necessary taxes, and ensuring the delivery to your doorstep. Iclogi provides a seamless and reliable logistics service by managing customs processes on your behalf.