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Shipping From Turkey To USA With Iclogi

You can receive shipping or cargo services from Turkey to America with Iclogi and benefit from discounts of up to 80%. Among the products you can bring from Turkey are items such as bags, belts, shoes, carpets, furniture, textiles, and clothing. With Iclogi's international cargo service, all your packages will be delivered to your address within a few days, guaranteed.

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International Air Cargo and Express Courier Service from Turkey to the USA with Iclogi

Iclogi offers fast and seamless air cargo or express courier services from Turkey to America. With our services, you can have all your belongings and purchases quickly and smoothly delivered to your address in America, ensuring a pleasant delivery experience. Iclogi brings all your packages to your doorstep, delivering happiness to you. Contact us now to receive professional logistic services.

Economical and Affordable Shipping Methods from Turkey to America for a Smooth Delivery

Is Air freight for the items you purchased from Turkey expensive? In that case, with our sea freight service, your palletized, heavy, and bulky loads can be delivered to your address within 15 to 20 days through express USA container shipments. You can choose to receive quotes either Door to Door or Port to Port, allowing you to select the option that fits your budget.

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You can Shop from Different Suppliers

You can purchase goods from various suppliers in Turkey and send them to us with your locker code. We will consolidate your items and deliver them to you at more favorable shipping rates

Save Up to 80% on Shipping Costs

Fill out the contact form, and we'll prepare personalized offers for you within a few minutes, getting back to you shortly.


Cargo Company in Turkey

Do you need a cargo company in Turkey? Iclogi is a Turkey-based cargo, logistics, and transportation company that provides services across multiple locations. You can contact us immediately to receive cargo from Turkey.

Are you looking to shop from Turkey and need a physical address?

You can acquire your locker code for free immediately by contacting us, or you can obtain your locker code promptly by registering on our website. When shipping goods from suppliers in Turkey, all you need to do is print your locker code on them. Additionally, you can purchase goods from different suppliers and send them to us along with your code, and we can consolidate your items here and provide you with bulk shipping.

Free Warehouse and Locker Address in Turkey

Register on our website and get your free locker code right away. Once your orders are completed, we will repack your items and send them to you.

Do you need Pick-Up service from Turkey?

Do you need to arrange Pick-Up service in Turkey and specifically in Istanbul, with your goods needing to reach America? You can create a Pick-Up request immediately by contacting our customer service.

Which companies can I use to bring cargo from Turkey?

You can import your goods from Turkey using internationally reputable companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, ensuring a seamless delivery experience. Iclogi has agreements with all international cargo firms and guarantees you the best prices. You can send and receive shipments with Iclogi right away.

Recommendation for a reliable cargo company in Turkey?

If you need a fast cargo company from Turkey, the solution is simple. Iclogi has agreements with companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, and possesses the most favorable shipping deals. By sending your packages through Iclogi, you can save up to 80%.

Shipping Rates from Turkey to US?

Shipping rates from Turkey to America vary depending on factors such as the weight, dimensions of the package, shipping method (air or sea), and the chosen cargo company. For personalized pricing quotes tailored to your needs, it is best to directly contact Iclogi.


How to Send Cargo from Turkey to the United States?

  1. Why should I choose Iclogi courier company when sending cargo to the USA? First, choose a reliable international cargo company. With Iclogi, you can receive all your cargo shipments smoothly and securely.
  2. Online Registration: Create an online account for yourself through the Iclogi website and fill in some required information.
  3. Sender and Receiver Information: During registration, enter sender and receiver information accurately and completely. This information determines where the cargo will be picked up and delivered.
  4. Cargo Details: Add details about the weight, dimensions, content, and value of the cargo you want to send.
  5. Request for Quotation: Based on the specified details, request a quotation for the cargo fee. Iclogi international cargo and logistics company provides an instant quotation for its services.
  6. Payment and Documentation: After receiving the quotation, make the payment and complete the necessary documents. This may include customs forms and other required paperwork. Don't worry; Iclogi will assist you.
  7. Tracking and Monitoring: Take advantage of the tracking and monitoring features provided by Iclogi international cargo company. This allows you to track the status and location of your shipment in real-time.
  8. Delivery Confirmation: When receiving your cargo, confirm that the correct person has received it by signing, and complete the delivery process.

Door-to-Door Delivery from Turkey to the USA

We pick up your cargo from any address in Turkey and organize delivery to any address in the USA. We also assist with complex matters such as customs procedures if needed.

How long does it take for cargo from Turkey to the United States?

The shipping times can vary depending on the service and option you choose. Iclogi air cargo service can reach you within a few days. However, with our sea freight service, using express freight, it takes around 15 days. With the Eco service, this period can extend up to 45 days.